We’re a startup company based in the Cape Winelands district, Western Cape, South Africa. We are focussing on the discussion around sustainable, decentralized food production, its unique set of challenges, and how we can leverage technology to enable and optimize it.

Enabling & Optimizing

Our goal is to provide a software service that aids the user in the production and monitoring of the production process. We also aim to provide a platform that facilitates the marketing, selling, buying, and distribution of your product

Fresh & Healthy Produce

Many people around the world are increasingly health-conscious or are inclined towards more health-conscious decisions where possible. A rise in health-related diseases and comorbidities lead to the rediscovery of specialized diets focussed primarily on fresh, sustainable produce.

Local & Affordable

More often than not, unfortunately, making a health-conscious choice means making a more expensive choice. This means that a healthier lifestyle could be prohibitively expensive for families or lower-income individuals.

We think this could be addressed by the localized production and distribution of essential fresh foods. Decentralization of the fresh produce supply chain should bring the production of essential health foods closer to the door of many and should be a driver for competitive pricing in that field.